Liability Insurance

We would like to be able to arrange liability insurance for our Affiliated Clubs and their events.  This is very feasible and doable.  To move forward with this we need a rough idea of how many clubs will become Affiliated Clubs and would like liability insurance coverage.

 Koi Show Judges

We fully support the American Koi Judges Association, an independent, not for profit association of qualified amateur koi judges. 

Koi Society Bylaws

Proposed Koi Society Bylaws are posted on the Koi Society website for your review.  They call for broad based and regional representation on the Board of Trustees, amateur officers, individual voting rights, term limits, and a mechanism for voting out the Board of Trustees and officers in the event your representatives and officers are not representing your needs.  Please review these bylaws carefully.


Our electronic publication is the American Koi Keeper.  Joe White is our editor assisted by John Rae.

 In this initial start-up period, we encourage you to sign up for Email updates and polls on our website at  You can unsubscribe at any time.