Affiliated Clubs

Members of affiliated clubs become voting members of the Koi Society for the calendar year upon acceptance of dues and entry of their user login information in the Koi Society website.  The affiliated club is responsible for submitting membership information and Email addresses for its members who wish to be members of the Koi Society.  As content will initially be limited, there will be essentially no charge for membership for the remainder of 2012 with dues being applied to the 2013 membership year.   Those clubs submitting payment received by October 31, 2012, will be recognized as Charter Affiliated Clubs.  Charter Affiliated Clubs will be recognized on our website.

                 Fees:     For Clubs with 100 or less memberships (individual or family)        $100.00

                             For Clubs with 100 or more memberships (individual or family): 

                             Please complete Affiliated Club Membership application and  submit to our Officers and Board of Trustees for review and   dues structure.

 Each membership will have access to the ”Members Only” portion of the Koi Society website and receive the American Koi Keeper electronically.

 In addition to voting membership for its members, each club may have one or two pages in the Affiliated Clubs section of the Koi Society website to include information regarding your club, contact information, upcoming events, articles, photos, etc. as appropriate.  Each club is responsible for designating their club’s web page manager.  We will be happy to help as appropriate.