We will become an Inclusive Membership Organization!

What would we like to accomplish?  We would like to be able to bring together people with these diverse interests and encourage and grow their koi knowledge and appreciation.  We would like to be able to offer something to these individuals, get them involved and introduce them to koi.  For example, koi and water gardens are not usually compatible but a number of hobbyists enjoy both (in separate ponds).  Garden centers are clearly a source of hobbyist introduction to koi.  In the “Spirit of the Internet”, we should be able to provide information to diverse groups and provide opportunity and access for a portion of them to connect with a koi club and koi people.

There are reported to be about 10 million swimming pools in the US.  We can probably assume most of these are in a climate or situation suitable for koi ponds.  Perhaps there are as many as 3000 individuals in the US who belong to an organized koi club. Only a few of those work to support koi exhibitions and share the joys of koi.  Historically the koi community has probably not reached its recruitment potential.  In short, there is great opportunity for growth. 

  “Spirit of the Internet”

We will use a dynamic web site utilizing an open source web content management program.  Ultimately a significant portion of content and the American Koi Keeper will be available only to members with general content available to the public. To allow for a large amount of quality content, the site will be configured such that multiple qualified authors can submit content.  A mechanism for proof reading the content for grammar, etc., prior to publishing on the site will be instituted.  A core group of authors will be needed to supply content either from articles they have previously written or new material.  In some cases the site will allow for two way communication between the authors and members.  When new material is published in the electronic periodical, it will also be published to the “Members Only” portion of the website.  At a later time it will probably become available for public viewing.

Website content will be extensive, and diverse.  Capacity for high definition video has been arranged.  Ultimately we would like to have quality material covering all aspects of koi health, husbandry, appreciation, judging and clubs on our website.  Our website is very much work in progress.