In order to grow and provide ongoing support for Koi Shows and koi clubs, the hobby requires an ongoing infusion of new recruits.  Where do koi hobbyists come from? Who are the people who have or often develop interest in Koi?  The list of sources or referrals might include:

  • Koi Clubs
  • Koi Show attendees or exhibitors
  • Koi Hobbyists - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Goldfish enthusiasts
  • Internet forum participants
  • Amateur pond builders
  • Backyard water feature hobbyists (HD, Lowes)
  • Water gardeners
  • Koi food manufacturers / distributors
  • Koi breeders
  • Koi dealers
  • Pond product manufacturers / distributors / dealers
  • Pond builders
  • Judges