Koi Shows are educational.  The judging team will usually spend time reviewing their decisions and answering questions after the judging is complete.  Larger shows frequently sponsor educational seminars.  These usually include interactive lectures on aspects of pond care and construction, filtration and water quality, nutrition, and husbandry.  

 In addition to the camaraderie and social interactions, the hobbyist has opportunities to meet and interact with breeders and dealers.  Individuals who do not live in an area with a local koi club often make plans to travel and participate in Koi Shows.

 There is a symbiotic relationship between Koi and Goldfish Shows.  A large percentage of the US public does not know what koi are.  More know of goldfish and may attend a fancy Goldfish Show.  Attendance at Koi Shows may be significantly increased if combined with Goldfish Shows.  Goldfish caretakers may also keep and exhibit koi.  We will move beyond previous difficulties and formulate arrangements in which goldfish exhibitors and koi exhibitors share in the responsibilities for shows including expenses, equipment, setup, breakdown, and awards. 

Many individuals work tirelessly together as a team, sharing of their time, talents, and resources, to put together these exhibitions.  They are to be commended, encouraged, and thanked!  We wish to encourage more shows.

 Putting on a koi show is much much more than filling a few tanks with water and adding fish for public display.  In reality, a club or association of clubs, teams of dedicated experienced individuals, vendors, and a judging team working together are required to put on a successful Koi Show.  An organizational “guarantee” is usually required.  Specialized equipment and a substantial budget are necessary for larger shows.  In short, koi clubs or associations are essential to hosting Koi Shows.  We support koi clubs and encourage membership.