Current Status of our Koi Hobby / Industry

 Presently the number of individuals currently enjoying koi in their backyards and homes is unknown.  Over the past four years the number of persons subscribing to koi publications has been declining.  Participation in koi shows, seminars, and other organized koi events has generally been dwindling.  There are approximately 30 larger koi shows per year in the USA and that number has been decreasing by 5-10% per year.  The koi “club” community is aging and relatively few young people are involved in koi clubs.  Overall, koi and associated koi product sales are down. The greater koi community is fragmented.  There are deep seated riffs between groups at numerous levels to the detriment of the hobby and industry.  The internet “koi boards” have been educational but the forums have also been divisive forces.  Segments of the koi community do not wish to associate with each other.  Economic times are such that few people have significant disposable income.  We feel it long overdue to leave any political issues in the past and move forward in the appreciation of Nishikigoi.   In the “Spirit of the Internet”, we will craft an organization with the resources to provide value to a diverse membership varying from the most sophisticated koi enthusiast to the casual beginner.  Ultimately we would like to be able to assist and nurture the beginner, of whatever origin, in their journey of koi appreciation and in exhibiting koi.

 Koi Shows and Exhibitions

We support and encourage Koi Shows and exhibitions in which hobbyists can actively participate, interact, learn and socialize.  Koi Shows are a driving force of the hobby. In reality a Koi Show is a guide to koi (and frequently goldfish) appreciation. Hobbyists and the general public may witness large, high quality koi rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere.  Pictures and video clips are inadequate to capture the beauty, majesty and carriage of this exceptional swimming art.  A Koi Show should be an opportunity for the uninformed public to see and acquire information regarding koi.

 Serious students learn while helping with the shows.  Koi Shows are social events in which acquaintances and friendships are formed and rekindled.  Mentoring relationships are forged.