We are writing to introduce and update you regarding the status of the Koi Society.      PDF version

The incorporators greatly enjoy koi and the greater koi community. The more we have learned regarding Nishikigoi, the greater the experience.  We would like to be able to give something back to the hobby and try to make it possible for others to share in the koi experience.  The founders do not pretend to have all the answers but believe the greater koi community can come together and create a broad based community organization.  This Koi Society should benefit the individual hobbyists as well as provide for the betterment of the hobby and the koi.  Koi keepers include a diverse group of talented individuals, often fiercely independent, sometimes unconventional, but united in their love and appreciation of koi.  We will construct a framework such that a diverse group of koi people from across the world can collaborate and serve as caretakers (rather than owners) of this community resource, the Koi Society. 

The Koi Society is not to be regarded as exclusive of other organizations.  The Koi Society will provide opportunity for many koi enthusiasts to work together for the greater good. 

As part of the planning process, the founders have examined where the hobby is now, where we think it may want to be, and proposed an action plan to start in accomplishing these goals.  Only with the collective help of many talented koi devotees will these dreams become reality.  The role of the founding incorporators is to ratify the initial bylaws and select the initial officers and Trustees.  It then becomes the responsibility of the membership, guided by their Board of Trustees, to cultivate and shepherd the future growth of the organization.  The founders wish to avoid this being a Florida-centric or Judge-centric organization.  Initially the founders do not know who wishes to participate or how widespread membership participation will be.  The goal is for our governing Board of Trustees to be geographically diverse and representative of our membership.