A collection of Koi-related terms collected by members over the years.  Please, if we are missing any or any corrections that need to be made, let us know by dropping us an email at

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Term Definition
Tai Hi
Hi pattern ON the AREA of the nishikigoi's body.
The era when sanke was developed.
Taisho Sanshoku
Taki Asagi
A sub variety of the Asagi in which a streak of white is seen between the red abdomen and the blue dorsal surface.
Tama Gin
A scale type of the Kinginrin in which the reflective deposit is found in the center of the scale and is raised so as to give the scale a pearly look. It is sometimes called pearl ginrin.
Crane, white bird with a round, red crest. Koi with single, usually red, marking on head only. White with red marking kohaku tancho, white with red marking and black spots, sanke tancho and red marking with black on head and black markings tancho showa.
Nishikigoi that the desirable dominant tranis that will be inherited by the offspring.
If koi. If something happens or condition met, koi could become great.
A cord that runs diagonally across the back to hold up the sleeves of a kimono. A pattern that crosses the back diagonally.
Tate Giwa
Vertical kiwa
Tate Hi
Long hi. Hi plate that goes from mouth towards the tail.
Koi that will improve.
LONG sumi.