A collection of Koi-related terms collected by members over the years.  Please, if we are missing any or any corrections that need to be made, let us know by dropping us an email at

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Term Definition
Reappearing scale after loss or injury.
Sakame asagi
Reverse asagi, white cores in the scales and indigo netting.
Cherry blossom pattern.
San bu
Size 3
3 step.
Sandan Hi
A 3 stepped hi pattern
Sankaku Hi
Triangular hi plate.
3 colored koi (black, red, white), white based. No motoguro, but has tejima, sumi does not wrap, no sumi in mouth or on head.
Over 2 years old, and up to 3 yrs old.
A three colored koi -- the modern term used for Taisho and Showa koi.
Some red on the dorsal surface. Sarasa was also a name used for early red and white colored carp prior to what we would recognize as a kohaku. The red pattern was mostly on the head and tail area with the middle of the carp being white. Attached a photo o
Secondly sumi.
Short for sashikomi. Term that refers to blurry line between the front of the hi plate or sumi and the shiroji. Nimai sashi 2 scales, sanmai shashi 3 scales.
Sashi Giwa
Kiwa of the sashi