A collection of Koi-related terms collected by members over the years.  Please, if we are missing any or any corrections that need to be made, let us know by dropping us an email at

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Term Definition
Ago hi
The hi markings ON the cheeks of Asagi OR Shusui.
Sumi ON gills.
Indigo blue color.
Ai Goromo
White koi, red markings, reticulated IN blue.
Ai sashi
Blue sashi.
Ai- NO-fukidashi
Ai STARTS appearing.
See Koromo Showa (Koromo)
Blue sumi.
Aka Bekko
A red Koi WITH black markings. (Bekko)
Aka Hajiro
A red Koi WITH white tips TO the pectoral AND caudal fins (Kawarimono).
Aka hana
Red nose.
Aka Matsuba
A red Koi WITH black 'pinecone' Matsuba pattern IN the scales along the back (Kawarimono).
Aka muji
Pink koi.
Aka Sanke
Red Sanke.