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If a word/term has numerous descriptive terms with regard to position, quality, et cetera, it must be pretty important, don't you think?  If there are any more that you can think of, or any corrections that need to be made, please let us know by droppi

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3 colored koi (black, red, white), white based. NO motoguro, but has tejima, sumi does NOT wrap, NO sumi IN mouth OR ON head.
Secondly sumi.
Sashkomi. Sashi IN sumi.
Sumi beneath. Sumi that appears TO be hiding beneath the surface of the shiroji.
A black nishikigoi WITH red AND white patches named FOR its development IN the showa era (1926 - 1989). It IS one of the gosanke. 3 colored koi (black, red, white), black based. Sumi ON head, motoguru, sumi wraps, sumi IN mouth.
Black that IS faintly visible.

Black, IN patches OR stripes OR other marks.

Ink, Charcoal

charcoal; coal; black ink; India ink; ink stick; (Kanji)

Black border. Border line BETWEEN the black pattern AND other colors.
Sumi class. General name FOR nishikigoi that have sumi such AS Taisho Sanshoku, Showa, Kumonryu, etc.
Black scaled nishikigoi of the asagi magoi lineage, which was produced BY mating asagi magoi WITH goshiki.
Soot sumi. Low quality.