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Affiliated Club Membership

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Koi Society / American Koi Keeper Logo


Affiliated Club Membership

Name of Club:_______________________________________________________


City, State, Zipcode:___________________________________________________

Country (if other than USA):____________________________________________

Membership Representative:____________________________________________

Representative’s email:_________________________________________________

Phone #_____________________________________________________________

Club Web Manager contact:_____________________________________________

Web Manager’s email:_________________________________________________

The Affiliated Club is responsible for submitting membership information and email addresses for

its members who wish to be members of the Koi Society.  Initial membership will expire 12-31-


Clubs submitting payment received by October 31, 2012, will be recognized as Charter Affiliated

Clubs and will be recognized on our website.

Dues for Clubs with 100 or less memberships is $100.00.

Dues for Clubs with 100 or more memberships, please complete Club Membership application and

submit to our Officer and Board of Trustees for review and dues structure.

Send this application, club member information (on disc or by email) and check payable to Koi

Society to:

Koi Society
Luanne Porter, Treasurer
PO Box 2020
LaBelle, FL  33975

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